Live at The Venue  

What a fun night!

This video was edited from the recording of our  performance with Sophie West at The Venue in June of 2019.   There are no overdubs or additional tracks added to the audio to enhance the performance.  

Our First EP

Check out our first studio effort "A Cold Six Pack" below

This is our first studio release, the EP “A Cold Six Pack.” The EP begins with a mid-tempo rockish blues; the tale of the “devilish” Dr. Doright fulfiller of wishes (by his own design) and ends with an English styled “electric” blues which insists that Winter may be the best season of the year. In between you’ll be drug through the blues, have a conversation with a wayward son, relate a board game to a difficult relationship and be delighted by the view. All this accomplished with catchy, rhythmic and melodic phrases that leave the listener asking for more. Enjoy!